Sunday, June 29, 2008

ideas, and stuff

OK so I got the coolest thing ever in New York. from Evolution. It's a natural history store in Soho that sells taxidermy, bones, and anatomical models. They had a txidermied pigeon. I asked if they had other stuff and produced a skull from behind the counter.

So I have all these ideas now. And one of them is based on

this image of the sacred heart.

and anyway cause I usually end up half naked in my self portraits this is where I'm at so far in this idea.

it's a work in progress, but it's far enough along so that you can see where I'm going with it...

anyway. that's it for now.

I've also added some more links.

It seems like some people actually do read this thing, don't be shy. comment.


katoure said...

awesome ink.
nice blog.

yours truly

nerdy girl from Aus

Sarah_LesPantyhose said...

oh thank you!

Kent said...

Your work is very beautiful and creative. I hope you don't find this too picky but - wanted to say that the image on your blog which you identify as the Sacred Heart is in fact the Immaculate Heart (of Mary). The Sacred Heart is the heart of Jesus and the image is different ... it is surrounded by thorns; also there is traditionally a cross at the top, with flames in the background.

Please don't be offended ! Kent