Saturday, July 05, 2008

It's show season again.

So the men's wear is out for F/W 2008 and so is Haute Couture. About 1 month before the pret a porter women's wear shows for s/s 09. Oh yeah, fashion.

OK so on the Men's side I've really only looked at dries. and this is what made me scream WANT.

double breasted shawl collar. how totally weird.

Oh and for the ladies????

from armani prive. Which is not my favourite line. I'm not in drapey, sparkley, gown things. But I am in this. This is what I want, well not exactly, but close. There were some prete a porter suits from Jil Sander that were really similar to this look.
It's a very feminine suit, while still keeping a bit of that 30's futurism that keeps coming back in little bits and pieces.

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