Sunday, July 06, 2008


I recently went vintage shopping and scored some of the most amazing polyester items ever. There will be pictures in the near future, right now I'm just procrastinating from organizing/sewing.

1. It's made of some crazy poly crepe thing with embroidered comma like shapes all over it. Black on Black. It has a cape. It's a button up shirt with balloon like sleeves up front and a cape in the back. It's amazing. It will paralyze you on sight.

2. Poly Georgette, in cream. This is a summer cocktail dress with shoulders borrowed from elephants. Gathered waist (elastic rouching action), and these insane sleeves. INSANE. I may end up altering this so the sleeves fall to the elbow and have a creme silk chiffon insert. Cause that would be sexy.

3. Every one says this item is goth. Well maybe it is, it's also amazing. Poly (again, but please note that every one of these items is made from surprisingly nice poly textiles that have stood the test of time). It's a mid 90's blazer with soft shoulders, fitted slim profile, and the center back is missing and replaced with lacing. Also the collar is really nice. It's from a canadian mall brand, so it isn't lined, but other wise is really well made. I'm excited.

Oh clothes, you make me happy.

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libi said...

i found a gorgeous silk tie today. black & white polkadots, absolutely silly. and a linen tablecloth which will be made into a skirt, eventually.
also i cut my hair and it looks mannish.