Thursday, August 21, 2008


Ok so the last post was overly cryptic.

I have just returned from a week long trip of love (hey Giu an Lucia I love you!) and as usual I got a fair amount of shopping and museum browsing done. Some of my purchases went home with a friend so I think I'll do a photo post of them this weekend after I pick them up. But it was the museum browsing that really got my brain going.

In the Philadelphia Museum of Art they had a display cases with three or four Cornell boxes. One of the boxes was laid flat and held two things. Loose blue sand and a large ball bearing. The sand had been shaken away from the ball bearing and there were circular ripples along the edge. The precision and the fragility of the box struck me like a fist. The boxes have a sense of being very old yet very now, and stand almost outside of time with their mixtures of objects. The art is all about the decisions made in the assemblage.

I feel exactly the same way towards Prada and Balenciaga FW08. In both collections I see a trend in the over all work of the designers to continue past themes (both are radical departures from last season, yet both retain similar silhouettes and details), and to make the impact in the decisions of materials and combinations of items.

Also I want a lace suit and I want it now.

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