Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New makeup!!!

I have a bit of a makeup problem.

I will spend a really large portion of my disposable income on makeup, and then only wear it once or twice a week. This past year that hasn't been a problem because I haven't really had any disposable income (YSL gloss pur in black was NOT a discretionary purchase), however with school being over for the session a couple extra dollars fell into my hands.

I purchased Maybelline intense XXL mascara. Big disappointment. I've been used to using Rimmel's extreme definition which gives me what I like to call Drag Queen lashes, and the maybelline just isn't as intense at all. I'll probably replace it by the end of the week.

Then I went to the MAC store and went nuts. I replaced my mineralize skinfinish natural which I had recently run out of, and picked up two new things. An eyeshadow in deep deep deep blue (Contrast) and a super nude lipstick (Vanity's Child).

(also worn for shoot, black eyeshadow from annabelle along lid and in crease, eyeshadow from Rimmel in Dusk (dark brown) on brow, Blush from Rimmel in Berry.)

I think the challenge in wearing this out will be balancing my face so I don't lok horsey. maybe more blush????

-Love a happy happy sarah in makeup heaven.

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