Sunday, December 21, 2008

People come here from searches...

Mostly for Phillipe Dubuc's one off collection at Simons last fall, peacock tights, pictures of tattoos, pictures of the sacred heart of Mary, and how to make a cummerbund.

1. That collection was a one off, it was super wonderful at that price point, and I wore my sweater into the ground.

2. Peacock tights, they're the best I've seen so far.

3. Tattoo pictures. well they're here.

4. Same I guess.

5. Cummerbunds are easy. your main pattern piece is a rectangle. make a second rectangle by slicing a copy of the first horizontally, spread to make pleats. notch the pleats. optional, triangles for the sides. add a belt like piece to the back, done.

6. oh and people also want to see lycra body suits. this disturbs me. I think it's a fashion trend to watch out for, nothing more.

anyway hi.

This is a personal blog about liking stuff, and making stuff, and having fun. occasionally there is a gratuitous pigeon post.

-Love Sarah

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