Saturday, June 20, 2009

A rare find

Something wonderful, strange, and unexpected.

Les Chats Bottés is a 90 minute long gonzo adventure into the lives of two young ne'er do wells living in Montreal in the late 60's/early 70's. Regarded as a cult favourite, as well as just a bad movie it seems to get past those labels by being brilliantly funny and visually complex.

Each scene is a new con, scheme, or adventure with the only continuity being the emotional progression of the female roles. Each moment is completely independent of the scene that precedes it (they break into opera at around the one hour mark. this lasts for about 6 minutes and then gets back to business). As the film progresses the girlfriends each have their own emotional mission, and new characters get introduced that, if you're feeling philosophical, appear to represent the unspoken aspects of the lead characters personalities. These include the gay maid and the septuagenarian that looks suspiciously like the ex girlfriend.

Ok, almost done gushing, but there is so much in this film. Using inuit throat singing for the sound effects of a sex scene. Toilet paper printed with canadian flags. The one anglophone character, who is a contender for the upper class twit of the year award, is subtitled not with what he's actually saying, but with what he's doing, or the intentions of what he's saying.

Oh and there's a strip tease by Queen Elizabeth II.

oh and it's completely in quebecois french, however if you can track down a copy see it anyway. The jokes rely heavily on visual puns and it doesn't really make anymore sense if you understand everything they're saying anyway.

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