Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Creative Strategies

It's a pet interest of mine about how young creatives get 'er done.

Several models of fund raising/paying the bills were suggested in a blog post by Kevin Kelly in March of 2008. He called the post 1000 True Fans, with the idea that you could live off of the merch sales/donations/ideas/adorations of 1000 truly devoted fans. That it could be that magical balance between celebrity and obscurity.

It's an inspiring idea, that the internet affords this boutique fame, which relies heavily on providing content (of some kind or another) at no cost to the user with "premium" content available.

Now here's the actual story.

I was reading Coilhouse online and came across a clip for the tunnel.

It has this wonderful quality that I associate with American urban documentaries where there's a pervasive sadness, and a youthful innocence, even in the face of great age (the city, to a lesser extent the participants). It makes me excited to see the whole thing. But here's the catch, they need funding. They've put this trailer out as a sort of pilot for the film. The more interest in the film, easier to get a backer I'm guessing.

In the same vein, but of a very different style, was the Brooklyn based film project Up On The Roof. This film did screenings of unfinished footage in order to raise the money to get editing time. I saw about 20 minutes of it at a loft party once upon a time and fell in love. The website doesn't seem to let on that the final funding for this work was crowd sourced (which would make the website cooler) but they do have a remaining excerpt on youtube. It looks like the film is only available for public screenings, no distro, which sucks cause I would scrounge up some pennies for this dvd.

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