Monday, October 05, 2009

Vivienne Westwood corset trousers 2

want. need. but changed.

It has that kind of weird diaper looking crotch, I'm assuming, because it has a second set of buttons just under the bust for the trousers to attach too. so they can be high waisted... ??? but as they are the crotch looks funny, and leg width looks like it could be adjusted more at the thigh less at the calf.


Glenda said...

This type of trousers seem to be in fashion. The fit is important and now with high-waisted trousers, the fit¯ is gone to the waist area. For the trousers look, there may be some flair at the cuff or maybe some tapering, but there is fit at the waist and hip areas.

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zahir123 said...

Here this trousers are the definitive item of military surplus clothing that has crossed over from the army surplus marketplace, onto the fashion rails of high street stores and into the closets of the fashion conscious consumer.
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