Monday, November 23, 2009

Wants and Needs and Not so muches

I've been looking at these scraps of old leather on my work bench this week and thinking about making a little waist cincher thing out of them. Got me thinking about how fabulous a leather corset can look. With the alternative being shown in mainstream venues more and more, a lot of these designers that started out catering to the fetish market now have a much wider customer base to deal with. Especially with the WunderKammer that is Etsy.

Antiseptic Fashions have been at this for a while, and it shows. Their pieces are well constructed, and strong in concept. I'm surprised I haven't seen more in major fashion editorials. They're now available on etsy and while the prices are high these are true investment pieces.

While looking around on etsy I stumbled upon the etsy store Erikaswang, which I'm assuming is the work of Erik Aswang. It's in the vein of antiseptic, but has a more baroque element; even in the austere pieces in his shop. Again this stuff isn't cheap, but really who wouldn't want to walk into a club wearing this:

Ok maybe just me. But really worn over a long flowing light weight black silk dress with some serious boots, and everyone would just die.

His other work is also note worthy.

And a bonus piece that I've been craving for months, but is only available in a size small

It's made from old oil cloth gators. If there was a world in which it would fit me, I'd wear it with a tank top and jeans. It just looks like the kind of thing you could wear and forget about. In a good way. It's available from Velvetmechanism's etsy store.

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