Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I've always intended to use this as a forum for showing my process in creating garments. This hasn't really worked out, I usually get all caught up in doing and forget about documenting. Recently I've started to hand make a pleated chiffon dress. This is one of those things that takes forever, so lots of time to take pictures.

This is the process of pleating with basting stitches the chiffon onto a piece of nude mesh. Once the chiffon is all pleated and basted, I go over with small stitches along the fold lines I can see through the mesh. Once it's all done I trimmed the piece and finished the edge with large running stitches.


Stark Raving Brad said...

i miss your spectacularity. hi incognito/svp!

also, nice threadwork, m'tailoress.

jolly said...

its very nice.....
Aman Toor