Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Is not something I normally do, however it seems to be the only thing I'm sketching right now. I keep thinking about making myself some sort of crazed one piece out of left over mesh from a couple seasons ago.

My only real experience with sewing lingerie has been in some fairly strange circumstances. There was the Laser Bra, which was made out of waxed linen, black cotton, and elastic. I may use this pattern with different fabric for a non-costume piece. The glowing swirls were made using Light-up shoelaces from

A stab at a triangle bra using PVC, wide elastic, and black ribbon. I found that the ribbon really should have been replaced by a stiff elastic.

And the most recent foray into the world of boob, the rose petal bra. This one was ridiculous. I used the triangle bra pattern and cut it out of nude mesh. I then hand sewed 400 polyester rose petals to the cups. After covering the cups in petals, I attached a wide pink ribbon to the bottom, and a thinner pink ribbon for a halter strap. I probably wouldn't have even started this if I hadn't had a lot of time at my day job that allowed me to hand sew while earning money. It took around 20 hours to finish.

Oh! also causing all this to be on the brain, I've been following The lingerie addict on tumblr. So many amazing and inspiring pieces on there all the time.

So, what's next?


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Rai said...

Haha, I love the laser bra!

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